Different? Yes, we are!
Secure, reliable & easy ride with an amazing experience
Our Philosophy

We are committed to empowering our drivers, that’s why we charge the lowest commission ever! We believe by doing so our customers will enjoy the best and most affordable ride around their cities. With Ryde Africa, you get exceptional customer service and professional drive, giving you a lingering experience.

Make a Tap on the App

Type in your destination, confirm your pick-up location. Allow the app to calculate your estimated fare. Confirm your payment method!

Ratings *****

And YES, your rating is powerful. Rate the driver, rate the car. You can also rate the Ryde Africa app!. Leave a comment and let us review it.

Service Availability

We are available 24/7. In your city you can reach us, outside your city you can reach us. Make a request to a professional service and experience the difference.

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